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Rice Bran Oil

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As opposed to the misconceptions regarding oil, our body requires a certain amount of oil as part of low-fat meals to remain healthy. For instance, nutrients present in oil can help the body to maintain good health & fight diseases. It is for this reason choosing the right oil in one’s diet becomes crucial. 

Rice bran oil obtained from brown layer of rice is known as heart-friendly oil based on its unique benefits. Rice bran oil is physically refined (without the use of any chemicals) and is completely bland & odourless. Being physically refined, most of the naturally occurring vitamins such as anti-oxidants, Vitamin E and Oryzanol are retained in the oil. 

Rice Bran oil is the only edible oil with a natural balanced fat composition & unique nutrients like Oryzanol and tocotrienols which are known to ensure balance of good and bad cholesterol. Rice bran oil is quite economical when it comes to its price as compared to other varieties of healthy oils especially olive. It can be used as everyday cooking oil, in salads, for deep frying. 

Apart from its inherent health-centric virtues, the oil is a success with chefs and homemakers as its consumption is generally 15%-20% less as compared to other oils due to its less absorption while cooking. The oil has a longer shelf life and is more stable at higher cooking temperatures. Due to its high smoke point of 254 degree Celsius, it fits for high temperature cooking, grilling and deep frying. Food prepared from this oil is crisp, tasty and healthy. 

  • Lactose-Free 
  • Cholesterol-Free 
  • High in Antioxidant 
  • Zero Trans-Fat 
  • Delay Wrinkle Formation 
  • Contain Vitamin E 
  • Increase Body Immunity

Country of Origin: India


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