About Us

A Bit Less believes that Zero Waste is a lifestyle and serves as  one of  the most impactful solutions to reduce waste on our earth. As the world gets more affluent, we begin to increase our consumption mindlessly and regardless of our needs. This is creating lots of stress on the world’s resources and on the environment. 

Thus, we want to create a platform for people to ONLY buy things that they NEED with LESS impact to our environment.

What are we?

We are a PACKAGELESS zero-waste grocery store that carries a variety of products from food to lifestyle products. If you go to the supermarkets or other grocery stores, you will need to buy in the standard weights that the product comes in. Here in A Bit Less , you can buy the exact weight/quantity that you need (e.g.150g of all-purpose flour, 50g of brown sugar, 10g of baking powder, 5g of cinnamon powder). Nobody is going to make you buy more than what you required. Just bring your own containers (or your mom’s Tupperware but make sure you don’t lose those) and start FILLING UP!

Besides, most of our food products are natural and organic so you may want to check the label out if you have a particular preference. Local? Imported? Yes, we have it! We try to source our products from local suppliers so that we can support the local businesses and help them grow bigger. Not to mention that it will also reduce our consumption carbon footprint.

Why Zero Waste?

In Malaysia, Zero Waste is something that is still fairly new to the community. We believe that Zero Waste is important in our daily life to help reduce the wastes that is being sent to landfills or incinerators. By practicing Zero Waste, we can:

  • Save the environment
  • Save animals
  • Save money
  • Say NO to single-use plastics
  • Support local products
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Buy only things we NEED
  • Refuse and reduce!
  • And many more
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